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General Engineering Works Ltd was established in 1955 and is based in Industrial Area, Nairobi, Kenya.
The directors saw the growing need for engineering services in the rapidly expanding Industrial & Agricultural Sectors. Kenya had just attained independence and there were concerted efforts all round to develop the new nation.
The government of Kenya was encouraging entrepreneurs to invest & open businesses in all sectors. In light of this the Directors recognized there would be a demand for engineering maintenance and repairs to service the old and newly started Industrial, Agricultural & Automotive industries.

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Machine Shop Engineering 

This division is fully equipped with all General and specialized workshop machinery where we undertake all types of engineering jobs and more...

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Automotive Engineering

The flagship of General Engineering Works and is leading in the field of automotive repair services. This division has progressed over the years to the current status where we do crankshaft regrinding, engine block re-boring, fitting new liners and much more...

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Portable Bore Machine

This is one of our latest additions which enables us to do in house and on site line boring operations of heavy equipment at chemical plants, public utilities, steel & paper mills, mines, power stations, fluid transmission and distribution systems.

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Metal Stitching

Our metal stitching repair technique enables us to do a non-welding repair on cast iron and aluminum with great effectiveness...

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Thermal Spraying

We recently ventured into a new product that we feel would be a tremendous benefit to our clients in all the relevant industries. 


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