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General Engineering Works Ltd was established in 1955 and is based in Industrial Area, Nairobi, Kenya. The directors saw the growing need for engineering services in the rapidly expanding Industrial & Agricultural Sectors. Kenya had just attained independence and there were concerted efforts all round to develop the new nation. The government of Kenya was encouraging entrepreneurs to invest & open businesses in all sectors. In light of this the Directors recognized there would be a demand for engineering maintenance and repairs to service the old and newly started Industrial, Agricultural & Automotive industries.

Our mission since inception has always been to offer top services in engineering and maintenance to the industrial, automotive and agricultural sectors in Kenya and beyond, and have satisfied clientele happy with our services in the East African region. We have been fulfilling our aims and those of our clients through the years. which are also on the upward growth trend. 

General Engineering Works started small with a few machines and a handful of skilled personnel and has grown over the years to the company it is now with two fully fledged divisions, namely
- Automotive division
- General Engineering Machine shop Division

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